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Kenneth Harris

Kenneth Harris

Ocoee, FL


Kenneth Harris was born and grew up in Jamaica and has been painting since early childhood. He has won numerous awards for art including Jamaica’s National Poster Competition for high schools nationwide. He became a working artist while in High School doing artwork and displaying them among businesses. He has also done murals alongside one of Jamaica's renowned artists Roy Nigerian Harris for several companies. Kenneth then decided to broaden his artistic touch and started studying pottery which awarded him a three months trip to then West Germany in 1988. There he participated in a few International ceramic shows. He partnered with German renowned potter, Heidi Kippenberg. After returning to Jamaica Kenneth stayed focused on Art and Pottery, and started to display his work.
Kenneth worked on several cruise ships between 1991 and 1997, then moved to Florida at the end of his career. He maintained his commitment to art and continued producing. Kenneth’s work has been exhibited a few times in galleries and restaurants. He does his own framing.

Kenneth’s paintings focus on the natural beauty of Jamaica, in particular the green lush landscape of his hometown, Portland. He is a great fan of Bob Marley and always has a desire to do portraits of him.

Kenneth is currently inspired by landscape. He goes around with a camera taking pictures of scenes which he later paints. He goes all out to frame his art and thinks that framing plays a major part in the quality of his productions.

Artist Statement
As a self taught artist I paint anything that inspires the eye and imagination, but I have been focusing mostly on tropical scenes. The ocean, sky and tropical landscape are never ending sources of great inspiration and pleasure to me, symbolizing the eternal yet ever - changing aspect of the wonders of nature. Though I do not limit myself to just landscape scenes I constantly broaden my mastering of sea, sky and tropical landscape techniques, maintaining my Jamaican artistic touch. I have painted with water colour, pastel, acrylic and currently mastering oil.


Tropical Delight 4 by Kenneth Harris


Tropical Delight 3 by Kenneth Harris


House Portrait 2274 by Kenneth Harris


Panel 1 by Kenneth Harris


Panel 2 by Kenneth Harris


More Beach Time by Kenneth Harris


Beach Time by Kenneth Harris


House Portrait THE MEETING by Kenneth Harris


Looking out by Kenneth Harris


I Dream Of Paradise by Kenneth Harris


Black n White by Kenneth Harris


Stairway by Kenneth Harris


Tropical Delight II by Kenneth Harris


Tropical Delight I by Kenneth Harris


Untitled by Kenneth Harris


Drips by Kenneth Harris


Untitled by Kenneth Harris


Fitzroy the handcart bwoy by Kenneth Harris


The Journey To Recovery by Kenneth Harris


House Protrait 266 by Kenneth Harris


Tropical Dream by Kenneth Harris


Resting by Kenneth Harris


Come to Jamaica and feel alright by Kenneth Harris


Lighthouse by Kenneth Harris


Farm Land by Kenneth Harris